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The Transformative Power of Volunteering

In honor of National Volunteer Month we wanted to give a special thank you to Wes Wunschel, for 30 years of dedication to Habitat for Humanity Kerr County - Making him a significant part of our 35 years. His time, efforts and expertise have been instrumental in our mission of building affordable housing for the families of Kerr County.

Wes's journey with Habitat began in 1993, spurred by a simple invitation from a friend. Little did he know that this invitation would ignite a passion and commitment that would endure for years to come. "After high school I spent three years in the Navy as a Seabee electrician. After my discharge I worked with an electrical contractor for six years. From then until retirement I worked for electrical wholesalers in Council bluffs, Iowa, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Brownsville and Kerrville, Texas. "Most of my work at Habitat has been electrical except helping with other tasks when more hands were needed." He mentioned that he was one of the only men at Habitat who volunteered to do what he did during his day job. Wes would get off work and head over to the Habitat job site and continue working into the late evening. When we asked Wes what his motivation behind volunteering for so many years was, he accredits it to his up bringing. Being raised on a farm he said "Everyone was taught to lend a hand whenever needed by helping out on each other's farms and loaning equipment. It's just what we did."

Wes remembers the work ethic of the men who volunteered with him the most. "Rain or shine" he said. Everyone was so dedicated. If they knew it was going to rain they would set out plywood paths to walk the wheelbarrows. He said there were days it would pour so hard but that didn't stop anyone. Acknowledging the challenges that this generation faces in finding the time and energy to give back, Wes was quick to give a reminder of the profound impact that volunteering can have—not just on others, but on your own well-being. Wes thinks had he not continued volunteering after retirement, he would not be as healthy as he is today at 85. He believes his continued involvement is what has kept him going. It's what keeps him moving, healthy, and alive—a testament to the transformative power of service.

The last thing Wes wanted to say about his time spent volunteering was just that it brings him joy to be able to volunteer his time and skills. Wes said he has "made so many good, long lasting friendships over the years." He explained that they have turned into the kind of friends who stop by, pray for you or call to check on you in times of need.

Habitat for Humanity Kerr County | April 12, 2024


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